Monday, April 01, 2013

Aryanism and how some western regims' theory-makers dealt with this concept

I read a chapter of CRAFTING HUMANS, of my best friend Dr. Maria Sophia Quine, about Aryanism and its leading to fascism. 
I was very interested in it that Dr. Quine is opposed to fascism, and this was what I was interested in it most. It concerns our movement that one reason of the Peace Quester movement is to show people ion the world that Iranian people are not what Islamic Iran regime has showen to people in the world. unfourtunatly most people think Iranians are Arabs and they have lettle information about Iran History.

A background: 
Many nations and their theory-makers (politicians mostly) at 19th century discovered or invented this concept to give their country a unity and an Identity and extract their benefits of it somehow, especially Germany and Italy. They related their nations with Iranian nations (Median and especially Persians, Medians are represented as Kurds and Persians as Fars nowadays). First they claimed that those Aryo-European People came from these Iranian nations and especially during Persian Empire; then second: they revised and claimed Medians and Persians went east from west (Germany).
Note: Median Empire did not long last and it only recreated Persian Empire with their pioneer CYROS THE GREAT, that he was Mandana's son, Mandana was Astyag's doughter. There has been another Aryan Group (PARTS) that no nation is representing their existence and their strong ASHKANI Empire. Funny: the missed nation one.

Any way they used those terms so absolute and always forgot intermingling. I mean they said the Persians came and now we are Aryans. Their proofs were skulls, skeletons, posture, stature, color, women menstruation, language.... 
They concluded the Greek Empires and then the Roman Empire as the Aryan subsequent from those Aryan roots. Meanwhile, they have never considered the Persian civilization as a subsequent of Median one and Median civilization as subsequent of Babylon and Assyrian civilizations and.... 
Those one-dimensional patriots and nationalists have never assumed the intermingling of all those sub-sequential civilizations. We need to rethink that the human achievements root goes back more and more to the beginning of human-like groups of people and every civilization has been a drop in between Human Achievements Ocean.
I have some comments on Aryanism and how westerners deal with it: 

1-The westerners invited or discovered this concepts for their benefits without Iranian concerns but now they oppose those Iranians (especially Persians are concerned) as a political aim. This opposition has increased after Islamic regime power, e.g., Hollywood movie of 300. Why? Poor Persians have never sought their aims through Aryanism until now. 

2-Kurdes (representing Medians) has never been into account as they have not had authority for many centuries and they are still seeking to proof their nation while westerners were gaining their political aims through their Identity. They still fight for their national Identity and not their lands in between four countries (Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran, note: except they claim, they founded Iran and its ancient empires and Zoroastrianism source belongs to them according to findings and Pahlavi language that is very similar to Kurdish language but it is called post-Avesta Farsi language(A huge fault)). 

3-The westerners amount of Information about Aryans or better to say Iranian nations, mostly refers to the end of 19th century and the beginning of 20th century, mostly gathered by Russian and British archeologists, linguistics and orientalists, and some refers to ancient Greek writings of Herodotus, xnephone and others . So they are not aware of today’s local archeology, linguistics and etc. there is another narrow of translating to English or after translation little propaganda for the new discoveries and theories. Then those amounts of their information cannot be enough to judge with certainty and sometimes absolute decisions. 

My point of view: 
Investigations about the civilizations or those old people group are necessary and useful for us but neither to let it leading to racism and fascism nor to oppose the Aryan nations of today or past for political aims. We should have a control point of pride and prejudice western friends. Here I mean by westerners as those intellectuals concerning the subject and not all people. 

Khusraw Mstafanejad, 29, March, 2013

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Asylum seekers and their rights of human

Article 13th of the Declaration of the International Human Rights says:
Everyone has the right to freedom of movement and residence within the borders of each State.

When this principle been considered among the axioms of human rights and is universally supported, we can be the hopeful for future of the world, but when the interpretation and definition of concepts hidden in the governments law as the Immigration and Residence and national sovereignty, we face to the many contradictions and conflicts over it .
However the last thirty-fold the original principles of the Charter of Human Rights has expressly stressed that it:
Nothing in this Declaration may be interpreted as implying for any State, group or person any right to engage in any activity or to perform any act aimed at the destruction of any of the rights and freedoms set forth herein.

Description of passing freely and choosing selected location are very simple to understand and need no special interpretation, limitation or exception and not claimed for the patent is not intended for him. How is that thousands of refugees around the world in terms of suspense and have remained vague and confused and expected admitted it turns head over heels and no time spend a bright future.
Residency or residence of a country; should consider part of their rights and respect in cholera easily the fastest time possible should get residency, not to beg it, or the largest and most important request during his life must not be defined.

Referring to Article 14th (the exception raised provides for asylum) as follows:
(1) Everyone has the right to seek and to enjoy in other countries asylum from persecution.
(2) This right may not be invoked in the case of prosecutions genuinely arising from non-political crimes or from acts contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations.

For investigation and legal procedures for acceptance or denial of an asylum seeker, a simple instructions is defined that is not cumbersome or complicated and executors cannot excuse waste of time for it.
An asylum seeker; generally and often bridges are broken behind him, his/her hope and life motivation are destroyed or become pale and is seeking a new opportunity about to enjoy life, success and progress. Leaving family, relatives and acquaintances and separation of memories and interests is not easy as that; difficult and tragic. Just for fun or diversity, he cannot present such a decision and is not leading to an ambiguous and torturous path without a proper justification and is not agree to step to malformed conditions.
Restatement conditions, human rights and refugee requests are part of our trip that we are going to express it and want existing laws and administrative direction to facilitate what we are going to do in peace.
Our group is not going to stay in any country and our plan does not included asylum, residence request from any government, and only land crossing, communicate with people and the media wants to tell from the existing pain and to give the hand of friendship and assistance for those who need help or requires it.

Wait for our arrival, welcome us and let us going with love and friendship.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

A letter from the group "Quester of peace" to the world

In a world where many people enjoy basic human rights - such as freedom of thought, religion, language, nationality, ethnicity, conscience, sexuality and expression - Iranians live under tyranny. In Iran today and every day under a repressive regime, people face threat and humiliation, intimidation and censorship, beatings and brutality, illegal detention and trial, imprisonment and torture, isolation and exile, and even execution. These injustices are an insult and an offense not just against the Iranian people but against humanity as a whole. All people everywhere should have fundamental political, personal, and civil rights.

"Quester of Peace" is an independent group that seeks to represent and support the oppressed people of Iran and to bring their terrible plight to the attention of the world. ‘Peace Quester’ stands for certain beliefs, values, and principles, the most important of which are freedom, security, tranquility, peace and friendship. Because of the nature of the Iranian government in power today, many Iranians who would prefer not to live under tyranny must seek exile and asylum abroad in order to avoid torture, imprisonment or death. The asylum seeker and exile is deprived of his or her homeland, family, friends, life, dreams, ambitions, hopes and even their memories of the past, as well as their potential futures. The asylum seeker lives a life of isolation, fear, poverty, deprivation, uncertainty and loneliness.

‘Peace Quester’ wishes to launch a novel and unique movement. We aim to wander the world as a form of symbolic and direct action devoted to breaking down barriers of ignorance and conflict. We wanderers and seekers will travel the world on foot. We intend to walk from city to city and from country to country, ignoring those artificial boundaries of territory, skin color, nationality, religion and language that divide humanity. Our programme and aim is to establish relations of friendship with all peoples, spread our message of hope and peace, and communicate the need for everyone everywhere to enjoy the same basic human rights and freedoms.

We challenge and expect states and governments to allow us at least to cross the lands under their governance. We want non-governmental organizations and institutions to support us and hope that the different people whom we visit welcome us with warmth, hospitality, friendship and understanding.

We know that we embark upon a long and difficult and, perhaps, dangerous journey. We undertake this enterprise with knowledge of the challenges ahead, but with hope too of the rewards to be gained in this transnational Endeavour dedicated to the cause of joining people together.

Our primary goals are simple, straightforward, but important.

We desire the following:

1) To spread understanding of the notorious rule of a repressive Iranian dictatorship that systematically uses terror, violence and rape against its own people.
2) To further the cause of and be a voice for the millions of Iranians who are deprived freedom of thought and freedom of expression. To advance the principle that all people everywhere, regardless of nationality, color, language or religion, deserve to live freely.

3) To foster cultural exchanges beyond national borders and deepen familiarity and friendship amongst the people of the world.

We plan also to document our journey and experiences through writings, films, photography and journalism. The creative co-operation and support of artists, writers, journalists and scholars throughout the world is very welcome. Financial support from interested and compatible organizations similarly devoted to humanitarian aims is also very welcome as our resources are limited. We will pass through around 80 countries in a transnational and uninterrupted wander around the world that will take years to complete. Thank you for your support. Wish us luck in our endeavours.

‘Peace Quest’ = Walk for Love, Freedom, Friendship for All People in the World

Friday, July 23, 2010

A letter to all states and governments

We escaped from our homeland and we are living in a country which sheltered us as refugees but without the required qualifications of asylum.
When we want to think about our aims and thoughts; the difficulty of living is prevented from doing so and hard works make our hopes die.
We are some Iranians who escaped from the Injustice and dictatorship of the Iranian regime which does prevent us from Freedom of expression and only even do not let us to live a very simple life and this made us stand up against them and this led us to prison, torture, and the risk of death and all evil concepts that may does not exist somewhere else or should not exist nowadays.
Because of this we paid a very expensive cost from our life by staying there and we decided to put an end for all of this by leaving Iran in a very dangerous way and came to Iraq which it’s not far from the threats of the Iranian regime and we fell danger very closely.
We want to cross country after country, city after city, village after village on foot with our least equipment and tell people our words from heart, and speak freely. Words that do not threat anyone, do not make any barrier, take nobody’s rights, do not hurt anyone, and words that are supporting nature, human being, animals, and our planet.
We can claim we are peaceful and seeking reconciliatory conditions. We support all thoughts, cultures, civilizations and societies. We are liberal and democratic, and supporting safe, stable and free life style everywhere. We support equality and justice, and seeking for love, friendship and sentiment.
This dangerous situation and commentator made our conditions worst, so we have chosen Jordan kingdom for our first and most important step to cross from Iraq and then going our path around the world. We expect Jordan at first and then all other countries accept our request and work to facilitate this for us with warm hug.
We are peaceful people and lovers of freedom and justice and we know that your countries are peaceful and democratic places its state and people and his generous and hospitable we are waiting for your kind positive reply to facilitate our coming we are the carrier message of live in peace with all other area nations and ask for your kind support.
As all asylums throughout world, we have not got credential IDs and passports and we would like nations and governments to know”what we are?” instead “who we are?”
We hope to hear positive answer from all nations and governments to cross their borders and allowing us be their friends. We are peace, reconciliation, love and oppressed message of independent and free Iranian society and we want all people in the world speaking any language, all cultures, and all races to support us.
Quester of peace group

By the way if you have a representative at IRAQ, SULAIMANIYA, we can contact him/her and describe the matter better and more detailed?